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10 Self Care Tips For The Holidays


1. Create a consistent routine with CBD. CBD has been known to create a greater sense of peace for many individuals.

2. Indulge in Joy Organics CBD Bath Bombs with organic lavender and soothing CBD. It is hard to be stressed in a hot bath with relaxing CBD and scents.

3.Set aside personal time every day/night even, and especially, when you are the busiest

4. While holiday treats are a favorite, be sure to keep the majority of your diet to clean eating. Diet can impact stress and mood.

5. Practice mindfulness. With the many scents and sights of the holidays, don’t miss out on the beauty of the season by being too busy.

6. Keep moving. Exercise is a great way to reduce stress and keep healthy. You don’t need to do an intense workout. Your exercise can be as simple as a walk around the block.

7. Practice gratitude to remember the “reason for the season” and all the goodness in your life.

8. Stay in touch with your emotions. Instead of pushing your emotions down, work out your emotions through journaling or talking to a good friend. Sometimes just verbalizing your stress takes it away.

9. Give yourself permission to slow down. When your task lists feels overwhelming take time to prioritize what is really important for you in the moment and during the season. It is okay to reflect and adjust your calendar accordingly.

10. If you feel anger or resentment rising to the surface, schedule an activity that brings you joy and/or peace. Make a commitment to that activity by putting it on your calendar.


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