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How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person?

You would think that a dog’s favorite person would be whoever gives them the most food and attention, right? While that is often the case, it’s not always that simple.
Maybe you have a friend or family member that your dog loves so much they would knock you over to get to them. Why is that? It turns out that there are several factors that can influence your dog’s decision about who their favorite person is. Here are a few of them.

Who they socialize with early is a big factor


How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person?

Dogs have an important socialization period between birth and six months. This is the age where puppies’ brains are developing. Their brains are very receptive and the social experiences the dog has during this time can influence them for the rest of their lives.

The person who is there during this period, who has more positive experiences with the dog at this period, can become the favored human. Sometimes, any person who resembles the human who was there during the socialization period can become favored.

As a side note, this is why it is important for dogs to be socialized to many different types of people during this period. It will help them be comfortable with more people later on…

 Attention and affection improve bonds

How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person

Unsurprisingly, most dogs tend to bond with the person who gives them the most attention. They may also prefer the person who feeds them frequently. Dogs also will usually fall in love with the person who gives them the most physical attention and love. Lots of petting, brushing, massaging can cause a dog to love that person the most. Sometimes they will love the person who plays with them the most. Again, all dogs are different.

Positive associations are huge


How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person

Closely related to above, dogs can choose their favorites based on positive associations. The human the dog associates good, positive, warm feelings with will be the favorite. This might be the person who always has the treats, always plays games with and other reasons.

Humans With Dogs Just Like Them

How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person

Much like people, dogs are attracted to people who have a similar personality to them. A dog who loves to play and roughhouse will be attracted to the person who feels the same way. A dog who likes predictable, quiet time on the couch, will find the person who enjoys the same things.



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Confide In Fido! Nearly Half Of Dog Owners Turn To Their Canines Over Family For Comfort

Man getting licked by his dog


Dogs have been considered man’s best friend for hundreds of years, but according to a recent survey, they may also be man’s (or woman’s) best therapist.

Conducted by Wag!, a mobile dog-walking app, a survey of more than 2,000 pet parents found that 44% of respondents would rather turn to their dog for emotional support than talk about their feelings with a family member.

Dogs also appear to be the center of affection for many families as well, with 38% of respondents admitting that the family dog is the “person” they show the most love or attention to in their household. For reference, 31% of respondents said they show the most affection towards their own children and 23% reported giving their spouse or significant other the most attention / affection.

Judging by the results of the survey, its clear that dogs bring a lot of joy into the lives of their owners, and often times owners choose to express that joy in unique ways. For example, nearly one-third of dog parents surveyed said they would at least consider getting a tattoo for their dog, and 15% said they already have one. As far as tattoo choices go, paw prints were the most popular choice with 44%, then portraits with 27%, followed closely by pet names with 26%.

The majority of pet owners also enjoy celebrating their dog’s birthday in one way or another. A whopping 88% of respondents say they treat their dog to a special birthday meal or treat, 60% say they usually buy a birthday gift, and 25% say they throw an entire birthday party for their dog.

The survey also revealed an interesting new trend among dog owners; many owners feel the need to check in on their furry friend throughout the course of day, with 19% reporting they have purchased some type of camera to keep an eye on their dog while not at home.