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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, let’s keep it that way

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Let’s keep it that way with a few holiday safety tips for rover.

I am already getting advice calls for the New Years celebration noise phobias in dogs, so let’s incorporate this article to include the whole holiday season shebang.

Although the urgent pleas for people to stay at home will be adhered to by possibly 70%, according to the news statistics, the other 30% may pay a visit to you and your dog.

It takes a village to raise a dog and keep your dog safe during the festivities.

When company arrives, please remind them there is a rover in the house and request that they adhere to a few simple rules.

Please place personal belongings in a safe place so that curious busy dogs cannot access medicine, poison, gum, toothpaste or candy.

Did you know a small amount of artificial sweeteners such as xylitol can cause extreme low blood sugar, seizures and possibly death?

Request that guests refrain from feeding Fido.

Table foods that can make your dog sick include almost everything you may be eating. Foods that are safe are white meat Turkey in very small amounts, a green bean or two, a bite of mashed potatoes, and a sconch of sweet potatoes.

No dessert, nuts, chocolate or alcohol.

Dogs can become ill or even get pancreatitis from people food.

Have doggie snacks and treats available in pea size portions for your guests to be able to feed fido. This will also enhance his social skills and create a desirable doggie environment for holidays to come.

When my dog Piper, was young, she did not enjoy having company. The first few holidays were more focused on preventing the grandkids from being bit verses enjoying the holiday, but the efforts were worth it because now I have a social dog that can join us for all the family gatherings without any concerns.

Other hazards that come with the holiday are tinsel and bows that can be ingested and cause an obstruction.

Xmas tree water can be attractive to some dogs but it can make them sick

Plants such as misstletoe, holly and poinsettias can cause an upset stomach if ingested.

String lights and ribbon can become an electrical or choking hazard.

Candles can catch tails on fire or be knocked over and worse.

Cats can try and climb Xmas trees and dogs might try and steal ornaments. It’s ok for the tree to be naked from the waist down.

Tabletop trees can be a great preventative measure for some busy pets.

Familiarize yourself with your vets holiday schedule and see who will open for emergencies.

Keep in mind it may take a few days to fill a sedative type prescription for your dog if they need one. Things that make dogs anxious are the celebratory gunshots and horns and pot banging sounds that can be heard to bring in the much welcomed New Year.

If you have been thinking about it, is it time to check into CBD for your pet?

Exposing your young puppy to these sounds, even if they are simulated can greatly reduce adult noise phobias.

White noise can be used to drown out the sound of outdoor scary noise activity. This can include your TV, music, or a loud fan placed in certain areas. Keep it constant and kept loud enough to drown out outside noise. You can also upload noise apps from your phone.

Make sure your pup or other animals have a safe place to retreat to if the company is a little much for them. Keep in mind if you decide to put your pup up for a break, take some toys and treats to make it positive so they don’t feel as if they are being punished.

Don’t forget to get Rover a new toy for Xmas too! It’s ok for them to tear it up. Quickly remove the stuffing and don’t let them choke on the squeaker and repeat. 🙂

Best wishes for peace and joy for the holiday season and the whole year through.

Wags of wisdom:
The gift of a pet is the gift of commitment for the life of the pet.

The Daily dogs are Rita the Chi-weenie and Oliver the miniature Schnauzer. They enjoy getting dressed up for the holidays and wanted to share wishes for happy holidays with you.

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Why is CBD Not Working for You?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is believed to provide a variety of health benefits. Ranging from their well-researched pain and stress-relieving effects to relief from the symptoms of cancer treatment. Many people use CBD to manage symptoms related to chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, and insomnia, according to many treatment studies.

Some may be quick to consider products and the industry a scam after not receiving the benefits they anticipated. However, just as with any product, it’s not a “one size fits all”. There may be reasons to reassess dosage, the type of CBD you’re taking, and the quality of your chosen brand.

Continue reading to learn more about how you can select the right CBD products. It may seem out of reach for you now, but the health benefits these products provide may be revitalizing.

How Much CBD Are You Taking?

Finding the correct dosage of CBD can sometimes be puzzling, considering different products may have different effects. Additionally, individuals respond to all products differently.

CBD is known to stimulate the natural endocannabinoid system in your body, its effects then build in your system. In other words, your body is prone to build tolerance over time. Therefore, it’s important to continue finding a balance in a dosage that will ensure you the benefits you deserve. When finding the perfect balance of dosage, it is best to start with a lower dose. You should then increase in increments until you find the amount that best suits you best.

It is beneficial to experiment with finding the correct dosage since CBD can provide symptom relief along with slowing the progression of certain cancers, according to Molecular Cancer Therapeutics.

What Kind of CBD Are You Taking?

When CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, it can be turned into numerous different products. The number and type of compounds that remain in the CBD after extraction determines the classification and causes changes in the effects the CBD may have.

If you are struggling to find a product, it is possible you may need to try a different form. In search of mild anxiety relief? You may try a simpler type. However, if you need a more potent product for issues such as reduced spasms for sclerosis, trying a brand that contains a diverse compound may benefit you.

Read on to learn more about the composition of each form individually.


Isolate is known as the most refined form of CBD. It is best used for individuals who want to see if CBD alone can provide the necessary benefits. With this particular form, comes advantages and disadvantages.

This relies on how the CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant. It’s possible to contain additional compounds such as cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils, and THC. THC is better known as the psychoactive component found in cannabis. This compound is what gives recreational marijuana users a “high”. However, it is important to know that isolate contains no THC. Therefore, it does not appear on a drug test.

Since isolate does not carry additional terpenes or essential oils, it will not possess as many benefits. It is foremost used by individuals in search of the purest form of CBD.


Dissimilar to CBD isolate, broad-spectrum CBD is extracted with additional cannabis compounds intact which are also natural. Such as, the cannabinoids, essential oils, and terpenes also make it into the endmost CBD oil mixture.

cannabis | Longevity LIVE

Although broad-spectrum CBD contains other cannabinoids, it still does not carry THC. Therefore, it also does not show up on a drug test and has no psychotropic effects.


Full-range CBD contains the most mixtures of all the CBD assortments we’ve talked about. When extricated from cannabis, full-range CBD holds its regular basic oils, terpenes, and cannabinoids, including THC. This implies it could have narcotic impacts, along with lawful outcomes if not utilized responsibly.

For what reason would anybody use full-range CBD if these factors exist? The appropriate response is known as the “entourage effect”. This alludes to how the oils and cannabinoids cooperate with one another to exacerbate their effects. This is the reason full-range CBD has the most potential to provide medicinal advantages. Its advantages increase the more you take it. This then makes it possible to continue benefiting from the effects even after you’ve built up a resistance.


Like most CBD oil assortments, water-soluble CBD doesn’t contain THC. Nonetheless, in powder structure, it’s simpler for your body to ingest than others.

Water-solvent CBD can be added to beverages and food. There is zero concern about whether your body will have the option to ingest it. Water-dissolvable CBD is an extraordinary method to take CBD, especially if you don’t like the flavor of the oil.


Is the CBD You’re Taking High-Quality?

A second rate brand could be to blame for poor performance. Getting a good deal on CBD oil may not be the best idea. This is because a lower quality item could have practically zero impact on you

CBD is safe, however, just in the event that you recognize what’s in the brand that you’re taking. This is the reason it merits asking: what makes CBD better in quality?

Known Brands

While the CBD business might be generally new, the most reputable brands as of now have a solid following. While looking for an oil item, you might be enticed to pay less for a lesser-known brand. Unfortunately, this could lead to disappointment in the product not working.

Exploration reliably offers the items you’re searching for and incorporates client surveys into your hunt. The sufficiency of their extraction techniques and the subsequent items might be obvious in the gathering they’ve gotten from others. Simply recall that everybody’s body and resistance level is unique.

cannabis | Longevity LIVE

Third-Party Testing

CBD products should always advertise how much CBD is in them as well as their THC content. They should also mention the breakdown of the other cannabinoids, oils, and flavors present in their specific spectrum. However, the only way for us to know how truthful these numbers are is to rely on third-party laboratory tests. They reveal the percentages of the products’ content so you can pick the one that’s right for you.

Is a brand not prominently advertising testing on their site? Is it proving difficult for you to view the results? If so, try a different brand. The most reputable CBD brands are confident in their extraction procedures. They are also confident in the accuracy of their marketing in terms of their products’ content. They want you to know what you’re putting in your body.

If those numbers are hard to find, a company’s third-party testing procedures may be unreliable or non-existent.

medical cannabis | Longevity LIVE

The Takeaway

The right product can provide a host of health benefits, including pain and anxiety relief. However, if you may that CBD doesn’t appear to be working well for your body. If that’s the case, it pays to find out more about the dosage, spectrum, and brand.

With so many options to choose from, this guide should aid you in finding a product that’s right for you. Even though some experimentation is warranted, most people can find a CBD product that provides the benefits that have made this once-taboo substance a phenomenon in the world of pharmaceutical stress relief.

At Joy Organics We Sell Full-Spectrum Organic CBD Products

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7 Warning Signs a CBD Product Is Fake

An alarming number of CBD products on the market fail laboratory testing for safety and efficacy. Learn how to discern between reputable brands and imposters.

It’s the “holy grail” everyone seems to recommend for any ailment from insomnia to arthritis these days: CBD. This molecule, derived from the cannabis plant, helps support the body’s endocannabinoid system, and that system is involved with nearly every biological process, including digestion, metabolism, hormone regulation, appetite, immunity, memory, emotions, and sleep.

Unlike its cannabinoid cousin tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—the compound that causes the “high” commonly associated with cannabis—CBD doesn’t result in euphoric or psychoactive effects. But what you may get from its consumption are benefits to your health and well-being. While the FDA has only approved CBD as a treatment for three conditions at present, there is a growing body of research pointing to CBD’s ability to help prevent or treat myriad diseases and health disorders in people and pets. “Extensive preclinical research suggests that CBD has a lot of ‘anti’ powers,” notes The Essential Guide to CBD. “Specifically, it’s anti-tumoral, inhibiting tumor development; anti-spasmodic, suppressing muscle spasms; anti-convulsive, preventing seizures; and anxiolytic, inhibiting anxiety. It’s also neuroprotective, so it helps promote brain health.

However, there is one concern surrounding CBD’s usage: Even though it’s legal, it’s not regulated by the FDA—much like how the FDA isn’t authorized to review dietary supplement products (vitamins and minerals) for safety and effectiveness before they are marketed. And because there are no industry standards guaranteeing a minimum level of quality, the market is saturated with imposter CBD formulations.

How prevalent are fake CBD products?

In July 2020, the analytical testing laboratory SC Laboratories completed a study in conjunction with the United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA). The lab tested 17 samples purchased at unlicensed CBD shops or retailers in and around Los Angeles. The end result?

  • More than 70 percent of the samples failed either for excessive contamination or did not qualify as hemp.
  • 42 percent of the samples failed the safety testing compared with approximately 1.5 percent of samples that fail for contaminants on the regulated market.
  • The level of contamination was several hundred times more than allowable limits in some cases.
  • 53 percent of tested samples labeled as hemp or hemp-based did not qualify, by definition, as hemp. (The 2018 Farm bill classifies hemp as cannabis that contains no more than 0.3 percent total THC.)
  • Most of the tested products contained levels of THC sufficient to cause serious psychoactive effects.

“CBD products can contain no CBD or less than the claimed amount,” says Aaron Riley, CEO of CannaSafe, California’s leading ISO-accredited cannabis testing laboratory. “The FDA has an initiative to put out CBD regulations, but guidance has been limited to date. This makes it more important for consumers to do their own due diligence.”

That means it’s up to you to distinguish the quality products from the scams. It’s definitely tricky, but there are some telltale signs that you should steer clear of certain items. Use the following criteria to spot fake CBD products

There’s no testing information available

First and foremost, a CBD manufacturer should be able to produce a third-party certificate of analysis (COA) that shows how its products performed on screenings for CBD, THC, and any contaminants. A COA should include the product batch number; CBD and THC levels; and certification indicating that heavy metals, pesticides, and solvent residues fall within the range of allowable limits (which may vary state to state).

“If there is no information about product testing or if the product has an old and/or outdated COA, these are indicators that a product does not contain the advertised ingredients,” says Riley. This information should be available on the brand’s website, or there might be a QR code on the product itself that will lead you to these details for further inspection.

The label makes too-good-to-be-true marketing claims

If a bottle of CBD oil or capsules claims to “cure” anxiety or “fix” your sleep problems, that’s a big red flag. In fact, making health claims is only legal for prescription drugs and is strictly forbidden by the FDA and the Federal Trade Commission when it comes to supplements like CBD products. “I would avoid anything that claims to solve a medical ailment,” says Riley. “I’d also avoid over-the-top marketing lingo, such as ‘Real CBD’ or ‘100% CBD.’” There are other marketing scams to be aware of, as well: If the purchasing process seems too complex or you’re required to sign up for a subscription or membership service, buyer beware.

Amount-per-serving information isn’t listed

Just as you need to be wary of labels with too much outlandish information, you must also be cautious about labels that don’t share enough pertinent details. According to The Essential Guide to CBD, you should “look for products that tell you how much CBD and/or THC you’re getting per serving, not just the total cannabinoid content in the entire bottle. This can help you avoid dosing confusion, and it’s also extra assurance that what you’re buying actually contains the ingredients you’re looking for.”

The price is dirt cheap

Everyone loves a good bargain, but in the CBD world, a bargain may very well be a sign of a fake product. “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is,” warns Riley. “CBD is still expensive, and if a product is drastically cheaper than others, it may not have the CBD and ingredients advertised.”

So, why is CBD so pricey? “Aside from the standard costs of running a business, there are many unique costs associated with CBD,” says Lital Shafir, head of product at Leafreport, a Tel Aviv–based educational platform with a mission to introduce transparency into the confusing CBD industry. “One of the best examples is specialized extraction equipment and qualified staff to use it. Then you’ve got the costs of growing hemp. Cultivating hemp can be labor-intensive and require extra expenditures for cultivation licenses and costs associated with state-specific hemp regulations. And let’s not forget additional costs for things like third-party testing.”

The ingredients aren’t things you want to ingest

Commercial CBD products can be full of subpar ingredients, including sweeteners, preservatives, and poor-quality oils. “When looking for an oral CBD oil, try to choose a product that is limited to just cannabis/CBD and a quality base oil—such as MCT oil,” says Kristina Risola, a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach with a focus in Cannabis Coaching who serves as lead faculty for Natural Wellness Academy’s Cannabis Coaching Program. “How CBD is listed on the label can vary. It may include things like CBD isolate, hemp oil, or full-spectrum hemp oil.”

Some products may also add in botanical or natural terpenes to mimic those lost in production—and this is OK with most products. “It’s important to note that hemp seed oil is not the same thing as CBD oil and should be listed as the carrier oil only,” says Risola, noting that it should definitely not be listed as the first ingredient.

It comes in a clear or plastic bottle

There’s a reason high-quality CBD oil comes in amber (brown) or dark-colored glass bottles (such as cobalt or green)—UV light breaks down the compounds of oil, and these darker colors provide more protection than clear glass. Reputable brands would only store their CBD oils in a bottle that will properly preserve the product. Similarly, plastic breaks down over time and can contaminate oil, so that’s another reason glass is the material of choice.

You bought it at a gas station

Convenience stores, big-box retailers (including Amazon), and gas stations sell a lot of great items, but CBD oil isn’t one of them. “It’s harder and harder to differentiate quality products from junk,” explains Risola, who says the person selling it to you should be able to tell you where it was grown, how it was processed, and how it got to their store shelf. And it’s hard to imagine the average Target or Chevron station employee would have that level of knowledge. While we’re on the subject, here’s what else you shouldn’t buy at a gas station.

And if the store employee works on commission or a store owner is secretly more concerned about his or her bottom line than a customer’s best interest, you could also be in trouble. “Be conscientious that a retailer will most likely steer you toward higher-margin products that may not be the best ones for you,” Riley cautions.

USDA Certified Organic
Full & Broad Spectrum
CBD Tinctures

Our line of Broad and Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures are now
USDA Certified Organic. Experience premium CBD today!

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Why CBD oil could be the key to improving your focus

CBD oils are better known to promote the ability to relieve pain, anxiety, and depression.

But, did you know Cannabidiols could be the key to improve focus and concentration. CBD is not just for relaxation for the present period, rather it supports long-term brain health.

For those who struggle to focus on the task at hand and those who feel stressed-out easily when work begins to stockpile, White and private label CBD products can help in easing such symptoms and help stay concentrated and productive. The inability to focus can generate stirred unsuitable consequences, including time wastage and poor execution. It is reckoned, if left untreated, that lack of focus can impact everyday areas including family, work, connections, and even personal satisfaction and achievement.

How does CBD Help?

CBD, a cannabidiol compound is largely found in the cannabis plant that nurtures several soothing properties and calming effects and is used in pain management and treating anxiety, stress, seizures, and depression. CBD oil can deliver the same benefits of the cannabis plant without delivering high feelings. Despite the fact, CBD does not boost or elevate the levels of serotonin levels in your brain, but it does promote a better flow of serotonin, which in turn means increased focus and concentration.

Dopamine is a chemical neurotransmitter in the brain that manages focus, memory, and awareness functions. And, CBD associates directly with the brain’s dopamine. When a man is referenced with decreased focus or concentration, it implies lower levels of dopamine. Even though smoking marijuana can increase the levels of dopamine, it brings the threat of excess, which in turn can hinder mental awareness and focus. On the contrary ingestion of CBD does not allow irregular upside in dopamine levels, rather it helps in enhancing focus.

Feasible ways for favorable focus and concentration using CBD

These CBD oils can be used in different ways for improving focus and concentration. Let’s have a check-out some possible ways:

Mood and Energy Regulation

CBD ensures vitality upliftment by rooting singular body cells. Further, it has a positive impact on digestion which is a substantial aspect of maintaining proper levels of vitality.

The energizing and hostility towards anxiety properties of cannabidiol promote peacefulness.

Sleep and Stress

Physiological prosperity and sleep are mutually inclusive. Sleep deprivation can make you cranky, sleep hardship exclusively drops personal capacity. This is mainly true because of the way that our brain recovers and revives itself while sleeping. On the other hand, high levels of stress cause sleep hardships, which makes a person slower in terms of insight and reaction.

Studies have demonstrated that CBD is very potent in rearranging the sleep-wake cycle. It helps in expanding the REM state, implying amplified helpful sleep which leads to a rejuvenated and revived brain by morning.

How to use CBD?

Smoking via e-cigarette is the conventional way of consuming CBD. This method is believed to effect almost immediately. The preferred method to improve focus and mental awareness are via edible CBD. The edible forms are made using CBD oil. The biggest benefit of edible forms over others is the longer effect of the desired state. Also, it tastes good.

The most recommended way to consume CBD for improving mental awareness is with CBD edibles.

By and large, the application of CBD for improving concentration and focus is a considerable idea. The only side effect of this application is dry mouth, which is any day better than any other potential pharmaceutical drug.

The preferred method of CBD consumption involves edible ingestion because of heightened efficacy.

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What Can CBD Oil Help You with, and How Can You Use It?

CBD oil supplements are a popular pick within the natural wellness community. Acting as a general wellness supplement, CBD oils are thought to provide a wide range of different potential health benefits.
Over recent years, CBD’s sudden popularity has meant that many people are looking to try CBD oil supplements for the first time. While the media may do an excellent job of highlighting CBD’s main benefits, many people purchasing CBD oils are still unsure of what to expect.
Having received so much positive attention, you might be considering trying CBD oils for yourself in order to discover what all of the fuss is about. Before you head out to purchase your first tincture, it is worth learning a little about the ways in which CBD oils can help you and the different ways they can be used.
CBD Oil – The Benefits
We are all continually hearing about the many benefits of CBD oils, but what exactly are they?
There have been a number of studies focused on the benefits of using CBD oils on a regular basis. There are also many ongoing studies hoping to expand the list of potential ways that CBD oils can help you.
The results from many studies have shown CBD oils to be an effective natural wellness supplement. It is thought that when taken daily, CBD oils can help to give your body an overall boost in the same way that many other multi-vitamins can.
It has also been found that CBD oils can be used as an effective form of treatment for particular conditions and symptoms such as inflammation. Equally, CBD oils can be used to treat conditions such as pain and soreness, which are often the result of inflammation.
CBD oils do not only affect physical conditions within the body but are also thought to be a useful tool when looking to treat certain mental health illnesses. This can include stress, anxiety, and insomnia.
Why Choose CBD Oils?
There are many different options when it comes to CBD supplements, including capsules, edibles, and topicals. So, you might be wondering why CBD oils are so popular and why you should give them a try.
The many benefits of opting for CBD oils over some of the other CBD products that you might find in stores is that they tend to offer the most in terms of range. When you see CBD oil for sale, you might have noticed that there are generally at least a few different concentrations and flavor profiles to choose from. The majority of brands offer the largest selection of options within their CBD oil range.
Being able to choose from a wide range of CBD concentrations gives you the ability to really customize your CBD intake. Everyone has a slightly different CBD tolerance and will want different effects from the CBD oils that they take. Having control over how much CBD you consume at any one time helps you to ensure that you are experiencing CBD in a way that works for you.
While having a variety of flavor profiles to choose from when purchasing oils might not actually change the effectiveness of the oil, it can help you to ensure you stick to a routine. Finding an oil that you enjoy the taste of is a great way to turn CBD supplements into something you look forward to each day.
Having the ability to mix a few drops of CBD oil into foods and drinks is ideal for those times when you want a discreet way to take CBD. Mixing with food also helps to dull the flavor of the oil if you are someone who does not enjoy the herbal taste of hemp.
How Can You Use CBD Oil?
The simplest way to take CBD is on its own. Most tinctures come with a handy dropper that allows you to measure out a consistent and precise dosage. Some brands also offer pre-filled one-time-use droppers that are ideal when taking CBD while on the go.
Finding a time of day that you can reliably take CBD each day and stick to will help ensure that you have a consistent routine and are able to experience the best effects possible.
You can also work CBD oils into your day by mixing them with foods and drinks that you enjoy. Popular options for this method include smoothies, dressings, and baked goods.
No matter which method you find works best for you, the key is consistency and finding a routine that you can stick to with ease



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How to Get the Most out of Your CBD Softgels

Along with CBD tinctures, CBD softgels are one of the most popular CBD consumption methods. Just like a regular supplement, softgels are a familiar way to take CBD in an easy-to-swallow format.

CBD softgels are also formulated with precise serving sizes, so you know exactly how many milligrams of CBD you’re consuming each time.

At Joy Organics, we want to make sure you get the most out of your CBD experience, no matter what method of consumption you choose. This is exactly why we’ve specially formulated our premium, 0.0% THC CBD softgels to ensure you’re getting one of the best CBD softgel formulations you can find on the market.

Here we’ll discuss exactly how to get the most out of your CBD softgel experience.

What Makes Joy Organics Softgels Special

It’s a well-known fact that oil and water don’t mix. Considering that the human body is made up of 60% water, your body doesn’t absorb much when you take a CBD oil product.

‘Bioavailability’ is a big buzzword in the CBD industry; this refers to how much CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream after consumption. Typically, oral consumption has low bioavailability. For one, oil isn’t water soluble, which makes it hard for the body to absorb. For another, quite a bit is metabolized by the body before the CBD can reach the bloodstream. This means the amount of CBD on the label isn’t exactly the amount that makes it into your system.

We want to make sure you get the most out of every product possible, which is why our CBD softgels are formulated to bypass this bioavailability issue.

How exactly have we found a way to increase the bioavailability of our CBD softgels?

We use a proprietary process known as nanoemulsion technology that decreases the particle size of CBD molecules, ultimately resulting in water-soluble CBD with increased bioavailability so they are better absorbed by the body.

Increased bioavailability means you’ll notice benefits similar to a larger dose of an average CBD product. That means that Joy Organics CBD softgels provide the benefits you may know and love from another brand, but with a smaller serving size. Talk about getting the most out of your CBD softgels!

Something else that can help you get the most out of your CBD softgels? Choosing a softgel made with a full or broad-spectrum CBD oil that’s abundant in the naturally occurring phytonutrients found in hemp. The combination of CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes offers a synergistic effect that is commonly referred to as the entourage effect that allows you to get the most out of hemp-derived products.

Joy Organics CBD softgels are formulated with broad-spectrum CBD, meaning they contain 0.0% THC and can confidently be consumed by anyone, while still offering all the benefits the entourage effect provides.

When choosing CBD softgels, it’s safe to say you want the most effective product you can find. We invite you to get the most out of your softgel experience with our water-soluble, nanoemulsified CBD softgels formulated for increased bioavailability and the best results you can possibly find.

Benefits of a Softgel-a-Day

CBD’s benefits tend to be maximized when it is taken regularly. Daily consumption of CBD products work to better support your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) through influencing a variety of receptors responsible for maintaining homeostasis or balance in the body. When the body is balanced, mental and physical health is supported.

Our softgels make it easy to incorporate CBD into your wellness routines. Take daily with other vitamins or supplements and see the amazing effects CBD can have on your overall health.

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10 Self Care Tips For The Holidays


1. Create a consistent routine with CBD. CBD has been known to create a greater sense of peace for many individuals.

2. Indulge in Joy Organics CBD Bath Bombs with organic lavender and soothing CBD. It is hard to be stressed in a hot bath with relaxing CBD and scents.

3.Set aside personal time every day/night even, and especially, when you are the busiest

4. While holiday treats are a favorite, be sure to keep the majority of your diet to clean eating. Diet can impact stress and mood.

5. Practice mindfulness. With the many scents and sights of the holidays, don’t miss out on the beauty of the season by being too busy.

6. Keep moving. Exercise is a great way to reduce stress and keep healthy. You don’t need to do an intense workout. Your exercise can be as simple as a walk around the block.

7. Practice gratitude to remember the “reason for the season” and all the goodness in your life.

8. Stay in touch with your emotions. Instead of pushing your emotions down, work out your emotions through journaling or talking to a good friend. Sometimes just verbalizing your stress takes it away.

9. Give yourself permission to slow down. When your task lists feels overwhelming take time to prioritize what is really important for you in the moment and during the season. It is okay to reflect and adjust your calendar accordingly.

10. If you feel anger or resentment rising to the surface, schedule an activity that brings you joy and/or peace. Make a commitment to that activity by putting it on your calendar.


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Does My Dog Have Allergies? The Signs And Symptoms Of 5 Common Dog Allergies

In the year 2019, at least 68% of American households owned a pet. Out of these numbers, dogs were the most common in the majority of the homes. Dogs are some of the kindest, most compassionate pets you could ever interact with at home.

Today, most Americans consider dogs to be excellent companions. Despite this range of positives, dogs also have an inherent concern related to the recurrence of allergies. If you’ve seen your dog itch, chew or lick itself on repeated instances, it could be because of allergies.

Most dog owners wonder, “Does my dog have allergies?” each time their pet begins to act weird. Apart from the most common signs of allergies, there might be other distinct signs you may notice in a dog, suggesting the existence of allergies.

In this article, we discuss six common dog allergies and solutions.

1. Scratching and Biting

Scratching and biting form the most basic signs of allergies in dogs. Your pup has a high susceptibility to absorb allergens through their skin. When this happens, the skin tends to react to these unwelcome intruders.

This condition refers to canine atopic dermatitis, which often manifests in the form of irritation. If your dog has been biting and scratching a lot, it could indicate allergies. Dogs try to scratch and peck in an attempt to ward off whatever could be irritating their skin.

If you have noticed that your dog has been scratching and biting more recently, this might be the most unambiguous indication that it could be suffering from skin allergies.

2. Coughing and Wheezing

Are you wondering, “Does my dog have allergies?” due to constant wheezing? Dogs cough and wheeze as a reaction to allergies that cause respiratory complications.

Although coughing and wheezing aren’t common, some dogs often experience instances where breathing becomes a challenge. When dogs suffer from seasonal allergies, they tend to cough and wheeze.

The reaction may be due to grass, pollen, and dust mites. Just like humans, your doggie will often feel the impact of allergies that cause an inflammation effect on the throat and lungs. When the infections affect the throat and the lungs, the eventual implication becomes a recurrent whistling sound.

3. Sneezing

Sneezing is often an allergic reaction to the entry of foreign bodies into your pup’s nose. When your dog feels a constant irritation in their nose, the most apparent response is to sneeze. This happens as the canine tries to force the irritants out of the nose.

Dogs often sneeze due to inhaled allergens when outdoor playing. If you have noticed that your dog tends to sneeze more when outdoor, then it could be an allergic reaction to grass and pollen in the grass. However, sneezing due to excitement during playtime may not necessarily imply an allergic reaction.

It would help to understand the difference between an allergic reaction and sneezing due to excitement. Sometimes dogs do sneeze due to excitement during playtime. Such instances of sneezing don’t necessarily mean that the dog may be suffering from allergies.

4. Digestive Disturbances

This is among the most common allergies in dogs due to food-related issues. When your dog experiences digestive disturbance such as vomiting and diarrhea, the most likely cause in such cases is due to food allergies. Some dogs don’t react well to certain foods, something that can lead to an allergic reaction.

Some of the other most common signs of food allergies in dogs include lack of energy and weight loss. In case you notice a combination of these signs in your dog, then a particular food combination could be causing problems. Some other instances of food allergies may cause aggression and hyperactivity in your canine.

5. Excess Shedding

When your dog is expressing a reaction to pollen allergies, there’s a chance that it will experience excessive shedding. Shedding could be a serious indicator that your dog is experiencing potentially dangerous skin infections. While normal scratching is okay, if your dog begins to experience shedding, it could indicate that the allergies are deep-rooted.

Most times, your dog sheds due to the recurrent attempts to ward off dandruff. The recurrence of destructive scratching can lead to excessive shedding.

6. Ear Infections

Your dog may be susceptible to ear infections, especially if the canine has floppy ears. Basset hounds tend to face this concern most times. Some of the common signs of ear infections include red and waxy ears. Most times, the allergic is due to ear mites, bacteria, and year allergies in the dog’s ears.

Ear infections can be painful and uncomfortable for your canine. The issue may become serious if not addressed on time.

How to Help Your Dog Deal with Allergies

Once you understand the causes of allergies, you can consider remediation solutions. Here are some of them.

Change Your Walk Routine

One of the first things you should consider is changing your walking routine with your dog. Allow your dog to walk more during times where the pollen levels are low. It would also help to walk away from fields where pollen and grass could be an issue.

Clear The Air And Surfaces

Most cases of allergies, especially respiratory reactions, stem from the air, and dirty surfaces. It would help to clear the surfaces and the air around your home as often as possible. This way, you’ll be able to control the risk of air pollution and minimize irritations.

Supplement Your Dog’s Medication

One of the best ways to deal with your dog’s allergies is to supplement their medication with natural options such as CBD oil. When dealing with your canines, CBD oil for dog allergies can work wonders to minimize discomfort and improve good health.

Does My Dog Have Allergies? These Signs Are Enough Proof

Whether you’re a seasoned dog owner or a newbie, dealing with instances of dog allergies can be overwhelming. Sometimes you ask yourself, “Does my dog have allergies?” When you’re unsure about the state of your dog’s health, these SIX signs can help you figure if your dog has allergies.

Once you establish this, you can then proceed to seek remediation solutions. Going natural during the treatment process is the best option. Further, dealing with any causative factors that may accelerate the problem.

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Full Spectrum Joy Organics Tinctures Are Here!

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